The Unexpected Guest

By Agatha Christie

The Horeshay Amatuer Dramatic Society, Shropshire

February 2019


On a foggy night, Michael Starkwedder enters the home of the Warwicks through a window in the study. He finds the dead body of Richard Warwick, and finds Richard’s wife, Laura, holding a gun that supposedly killed him. Michael does not believe she killed him, and she soon tells him she is innocent.

The two decide to place the blame on an enemy from the past, MacGregor, a man whose son was killed by his car run over while Richard was drunk. As the story progresses, it is revealed Laura was having an affair due to Richard’s cruel nature, and was vouching for the man she was cheating with when she claimed to have killed Richard.

The show was performed by the HADS at Horsehay, Shropshire from 7th to 9th Feb 2019.

The show was performed by the Horsehay Amateur Dramatics Society, Horsehay, Shropshire

from 7th to 9h February 2019.

Photos courtesy of Alan Foster, Mike White, Jen Edwards and Andy Reed

The Production Team:


The Players:


Show Photos:


The Programme:


Director – Jen Edwards
Set Construction/Decor – Edward Davies, Alan Foster, Gerald Parkinson, Rachel Aitchison
Scenic Artist – Rachel Aitchison
Lighting – Teresa Wilson, Kev Jackman
Sound – Rachel Aitchison, Kev Jackman
Properties – Sally Riley
Prompt – Jan Jackman
Publicity – Jen Edwards
Front of House – Liz Davies, Saki White, Mike White, Rich Harris, Gerald Parkinson, Carol Edwards, Rob Fisher, Cath Fisher, Eileen Woolley, Mike Camilla, Chris Caudill, Mary Richards, Rona Sheldon, Sheila Hood, Robin Cooper.


Michael Starkwedder – Ray Callister
Richard Warwick – Norman Lincoln
Laura Warwick – Lisa Kane
Miss “Benny” Bennett – Jane Parkyn
Jan Warwick – Alex Edwards
Mrs Warwick – Shirley Gladwin
Henrietta Angell – Karen Brittle
Constable Cadwallader – Emily Walker
Inspector Thomas – Kane McCabe
Julian Farrah – Andrew Reed