The Matchgirls

The Matchgirls

The show is based on the true story of the match-cutters' rebellion of 1888, the time when unions were in their infancy and strike action by women unheard of.

The girls have finally withdrawn their labour after years of working with white phosphorus which rotted their jaws and from suffering the harsh discipline of fines and sanctions.

Annie Besant, a social reformer, champions the strikers' cause along with other reformers and workers.

Added to this historical background is the fictional story of Kate, the strike leader and her childhood sweetheart Joe, a docker. The highs and lows of the lives of the other girls are also portrayed.


The show was performed by the Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire
from 21st May 23rd May 2015.

Photos courtesy of Vicki Stevens and Society members.

The Production Team:


The Players:


Show Photos:

The Programme:

Production Team:

Producer/Director - Cynthia Shaw
Accompanist - NykkӦ-Mickaёl Grégoire
Choreographer - Verity Coton-Matthews
Stage Manager - Sarah Taylor
Properties - Gina Ryder, Mary Lee, Alan & Cynthia Shaw
Lighting/Sound - Richard Foxcroft, Mark Allen
Prompt - Jennie Elliot
Costumes - Cynthia Shaw & Cast
Make up - Estella Morris
Projected images - Vikki & Stewart Lee
Box Office - Denise Olenik, Jenny Oakey
Bar - Ian & Judy Martin
Posters - Verity Coton-Matthews
Publicity - Vikki Lee
Photography - Ian Martin
Printing - PP Media



Kate - Vikki Lee
Polly - Lynne James
Mrs Purkiss - Carol Melhuish
Old Min - Carol Robertson
Maggie - Kimberley Cassells
Jessie - Zoe Halley
Winnie - Emma Pritchard
Dot - Sally Warren
Beattie/Paula - Amanda Robertson
Nell - Ann-Marie Lawrence
Louie - Lauren Clarke
Frances/Scots Girl - Mariah Bailey
Annie Besant - Sue Rawlings
George Bernard Shaw - Andy Reed
Joe - Michael Rawlings
Perce - Stewart Lee
Bert - Dale Pritchard
Mynel/Docker - Kevin Maddison
Potter/Docker - Simon Whitehouse