Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood, California. 1950
As dawn breaks over Sunset Boulevard, the police have gathered to investigate a grisly murder. A young screenwriter. Joseph Gillis, has been found in the swimming pool of 10088 Sunset Boulevard with three bullet wounds.

The house belongs to Gillis' recent employer. reclusive silent film star Norma Desmond. Norma disappeared from the public eye when silent films were superseded by talking pictures. Having retired to her opulent mansion, with only her obedient butler Max and a series of husbands for company, her passion project is the self-penned silent epic Salome. naturally starring herself in the title role.

Joe, recently rejected by Paramount Studios. seizes the opportunity to exploit Norma's delusion. As Joe's humble life is gradually consumed by Norma's extravagance, the two dejected dreamers see their relationship very differently.

Meanwhile. Joe's friend Artie introduces his intelligent young fiancé Betty Schaefer. Betty is an aspiring screenwriter and a fan of Joe's early work. Alongside his work on Norma's hopeless vanity project. Joe is offered the chance to adapt his short story Blind Windows with Betty's help. Despite his efforts to keep the two women in his life separate, how long can Joe keep himself from that swimming pool on Sunset Boulevard?


The show was performed by Telford & District Light Operatic Players, Telford, Shropshire
from 29th to 31st March 2019.

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Photos courtesy of Society members.

The Production Team:


The Players:


Show Photos:


The Programme:

Production Team:

Director - Robin Cooper
Musical Director - Ryan Sayce
Production Assistant - Annika Dixon
Choreographer - Samantha Thomas
Stage Manager - Louisa Kempster
Rehearsal Pianist - NykkӦ-Mickaёl Grégoire
Costume - Annika Dixon, Rosemary Gouge, Mary Dixon, TADLOP company
Hair - Sarah Kainz
Props - Richard Lecrevian & TADLOP
Lighting Design - Robin Cooper
Sound - Gary Parton
Lighting - Rob Bainbridge
Front of House Manager - Maxine Kee
Front of House - Friends of TAOLDP
Dresser - Nigel Whyles
Crew - Adam Nicholls, Andrew Murray, Daisy Sukara-Fielding, Eliza Cocker, Harrison Bradbury, Jo Lembicz, Matthew Mann, Megan Bladen, Rosemary Gouge, Shirley Gladwin




Rich Kee - Joe Gillis
Debbie Owen: Norma Desmond
Cameron Walker - Max Von Mayerling
Samantha Hill - Betty Schaefer
Ethan Slack - Artie Green
Adam Wheeler - Sheldrake / Manfred

Alexander Edwards - Policeman
Andrew Reed - Marino / Jonesey
Chloe Edwards - Wonderkid from Broadway
Emily Jade Walker - Joanna
Helen Madden - Sheldrake's secretary / Analyst
Jack Cotton - Studio Guard / Pet Undertaker
Jill Davies - Doctor
Joy Baister - Beautician
Kerensa Osbourne - Movie Norma
Laura Palcrynski - Heather
Leigh Kendal - Larissa / Masseur
Lucy Warrilow - Mary
Luke Drew - Finance Man / John
Lyndsey Bird - Jean /Beautician
Marian Lowe - Waitress at Schwab's 

Paul Whately - Finance Man / Glenn
Pete Cooper - Hog Eye
Rachel Cuthbert - Astrologer
Richard Lecrivain - Cecil B. DeMille
Rob Lampitt - Sammy
Sam Lampitt - Anita
Sian Kyle - Dawn
Staph Hood - Journalist
Stephen Venezia - Myron
Sue Bradley - Lisa
Sue Pointon - Beautician / Journalist
Vanessa Holt - Katherine

The Band:

NykkӦ-Mickaёl Grégoire - Piano
CJ Allen - Keyboard
Debbi Lindley - Keyboard
Lydia Farnham - Keyboard
Charlie Denney - Trombone
Matthew Tarrant - Trumpet
Matt Moseley - Guitar
Chris Lane - Percussion
Haydn Sayce - Bass
Daniel Janes - Reed
Zoe Brown - Flute & Piccolo
Elvinas Reinikovas - Reed & Clarinet
Róisín Weaver - Oboe