Singin' In The Rain

Singin' in the Rain is a 1952 American romantic comedy musical. It was directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, starring Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

A lighthearted story of Hollywood in the late 1920's where we see the three stars portraying performers caught up in the transition from silent films to the "talkies".

The show was performed by the Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire
from 2nd to 4th Nov 2017.

Photos courtesy of Lucy Stevens (Photography), Vicki Stevens, Geoff Powell and Society members.

The Production Team:


The Players:


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The Programme:

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Production Team:

Director - Vikki Lee
Musical Director - Garry Bailey
Choreographer - Verity Coton-Matthews
Production Assistant - Anne Marie Lawrence
Rehearsal Pianists - Nykko-Mickael Gregoire, Jenny Hesketh
Set Design - Stewart Lee
Lighting - Sarah Bennett
Sound - Jessie Bracken
Technical team - Stewart Lee, CJ Allen
Stage Manager - Sarah Jane Taylor
Assisted by - Lynne James
Movies filmed by - Simon Whitehouse and Mark Allen
Movies edited by - Simon Whitehouse
Prompt -Carol Robertson
Wardrobe - Cynthia Shaw and Amanda Nicolle
Photographs - Vicki Stevens
Programme Printing - Plus Two Media
Box Office - Denise OlenFront of House - Members of The Little Theatreik & Jenny Oakey
Bar - Ian & Judy Martin
Front of House - Members of The Little Theatre



Don Lockwood - Stephen Oliver-Davies
Kathy Selden - Jenny Olenik-Pritchard
Cosmo Brown - Rich Kee
Lina Lamont - Zoe Hailey
R.F. Simpson-Simon Whitehouse
Roscoe Dexter - Andy Reed
Production Singer - Geoff Powell
Dora Bailey - Amanda Nicolle
Zelda Zanders - Nina Aver
Miss Dinsmore - Cynthia Shaw
Diction coach - Geoff Powell
Sid Phillips - Dale Pritchard
Roz - Lauraine Howles
Young Don - Jack Pooler
Young Cosmo - Jethro Swindley-Watson
Dancers - Nina Aver, Eleanor Conway, Megan Gradwell, Chloe Mann
Chorus - Tom Griffiths, Mary Lee, Hayley Mack, Emma Pritchard, Mark Allen, Lucy Stevens, Vicki Stevens, Eric Westwood