The musical, by Lionel Bart, is based on Charles Dickens's second novel, Oliver Twist, first published as a serial from 1837 to 1839.

The story centres on orphan Oliver Twist, born in a workhouse and sold into apprenticeship with an undertaker. After escaping, Oliver travels to London, where he meets the "Artful Dodger", a member of a gang of juvenile pickpockets led by the elderly criminal Fagin.


On Oliver's first outing with Dodger and fellow pickpocket Charley, Oliver is mistakenly arrested for stealing a handkerchief from an old gentleman named Mr Brownlow.

Brownlow takes pity on young Oliver and takes him into his home to be cared for.

Can Fagin and his henchman, Bill Sykes, allow the boy to remain at the Brownlow's residence where Oliver might tell of his encounter with the gang of pickpockets and lead the authorities right to Fagin's door? Bill's girlfrend, Nancy tries to protect the boy but her mission is fraught with danger.

The musical version is faithful to the original novel adding a wonderful score and many memorable songs to the story.


The show was performed by the Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire
from 5th to 7th November 2015.

Photos courtesy of Vicki Stevens and Society members.

The Production Team:


The Players:


Show Photos:


The Programme:

Production Team:

Director - Carol Robertson
Musical Director - Garry Bailey
Producer - Stewart Lee
Choreographer - Verity Coton-Matthews
Additional choreography - Zoe Hailey
& Jenny Olenik-Pritchard
Rehearsal Pianist - NykkÓ¦-MickaŃ‘l Grégoire
Technical & Set Design - Stewart Lee & Mark Allen
Sound & Lighting - Richard Foxcroft
Assisted by - Mark Allen
Stage Manager - Sarah Jane Taylor
Properties - Gina Ryder
Prompt - Lynne James
Wardrobe - Cynthia Shaw
Make Up - Estella Morris
Photographs - Vicki Stephens
Programme - Vikki Lee
Printing - PP Media - 01952 415334
Box Office - Denise Olenik
& Jenny Olenik-Pritchard
Bar - Ian & Judy Martin
Front of House - Members of The Little Theatre



Oliver - Lewis Bailey
Mr. Bumble - Simon Whitehouse
Widow Corney - Zoe Halley
Mr. Sowerberry - Geoff Powell
Mrs. Sowerberry - Vikki Lee
Noah Claypole - Peter Walsh
Charlotte - Bryony Jones
The Artful Dodger - Alex James
Fagin - Andrew Reed
Nancy - Amy Briggs
Charles Bates - Tom Griffiths
Bet - Lucy Stevens
Bill Sykes - Phillip Shropshire
Mrs. Bedwin - Cynthia Shaw
Mr. Brownlow - Bill Walton
Dr. Grimwig - Eric Westwood
Old Sally - Sally Warren
Old Lady - Emma Pritchard