Made in Dagenham

Made In Dagenham - April 2018


Based on the 2010 film of the same name, Made in Dagenham is drawn from the real-life 1968 sewing machinists strike at the Ford factory in Dagenham, Essex. This strike was influential in the passing of the Equal Pay Act of 1970. The musical focuses on the leader of the strike, Rita O’Grady, as she encourages the women of the Ford factory to walk out after they are re-classified as unskilled workers, while their male counterparts see their wages increase.

Production Team:


The Players:

Show Photos:

The Programme:


Director – Samantha Thomas
Musical Director – Lydia Farnham
Choreographer – Lucy Warrilow
Stage Crew – Pete Cooper, John Brown, Robin Cooper, Louisa Kempster
Costumes – Annika Dixon, Mary Dixon and cast
Readers in at Audition – Ryan Sayce & Annika. Dixon
Independent at Audition – Emnaeline Venn
Front of House Manager – Maxine Kee
Front of House – Friends of TADLOP


Rita O’Grady –  Róisin Weaver
Eddie O’Grady –   Kurt Hassall
Connie Riley –  Helen Madden
Monty – Richard Lecrivain
Beryl – Rosemary Gouge
Claire – Lou Zukiewicz
Sandra Beaumont – Caroline Slack
Cass – Sian Kyle
Harold Wilson – Rich Kee
Barbara Castle – Shirley Gladwin
Mr Hopkins – Jack Cotton
Lisa Hopkins – Beth Gibson
Bill/MC – Daniel Hiller
Sid/Aide 3 – Rob Lampitt
Emma – Lyndsey Bird
Rachel – Rachel Cuthbert
Tracey – Jill Davies
Barry/Cortina Man – Ethan Slack
Mr Tooley – Adam Wheeler
Ron Macer/Mr Buckton – Andrew Reed
Mr Hubble /Chubby Chuff – Andrew Murray
Aide 1/Reporter – Philipp Penning
Aide 2/Reporter – Brian Penning
Tannoy – Robin Cooper

Harry Beamson and Daniel Martindale as Graham O’Grady (alternating performances)
Amy Clowery and Demi-Lee Slack-Eggerton as Sharon O’Grady (alternating performances)

The Company
Amanda. Bailey, Nicola Bartlett, Sue Bradley, Abby Capplernan, Annie Crozier, Becky Doyle,
Mandy Gunter, Zoe Harney, Leigh Kendal, Sam Lampitt, Sue Pointon, Daisy Sukara-Fielding,
Louise Van. Straaten, Anita Williams, Dilys Williams

Musical Numbers

Act 1
Busy Woman – Rita, Eddie, Sharon, Graham & Women
Made in Dagenham – Company
This is What We Want – Women
Union Song – Men
Wossnarne – Claire and Women
Always A Problem – Harold Wilson & Men.
Pay Day – Company
I’m Sorry I Love You – Eddie, Rita & Men
School Song – Graham & Men
Same Old Story – Connie
Everybody Out – Company

Act 2
This Is America – Tooley & Company
Storm Clouds-  Company
Cortina! – Cortina Man & Company
The Letter – Eddie
Ideal World – Barbara Castle
Nearly Had it All – Women
Viva Eastbourne – Company
Stand Up – Rita & Company

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