Andy Reed: IT Professional & Amateur Dramatics Enthusiast

//On Stage/Frankenstein

Frankenstein - July 1994

Dramatized by Tim Kelly from the classic by Mary Shelley

The Belfrey Theatre, Wellington, Shropshire

July 1995


Based on Mary Shelley's novel, "Frankenstein" tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a promising young doctor who, devastated by the death of his mother during childbirth, becomes obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. His experiments lead to the creation of a monster, which Frankenstein has put together with the remains of corpses. It's not long before Frankenstein regrets his actions. Written by Robert McElwaine

The Production Team:

Director- Neil Hunter
Stage Manager - Mark Dunne
Assistant Stage Managers - Lee Griffin, Andy Eastment
Lighting Design/Operation - Rory Hunter
Sound Design/Operation - Mick W Long
Props - Chris Simmons
Costume - Annie Savage
Make-Up - Chris Simmons
Photos - Courtesy of Iain Wilson

The Cast:

Ernst - Inspector of Police
- Andy Reed
Sophie - Housekeeper - Mararet Leigh
Victor Frankenstein a scientist - Keith Appleby
Elisabeth, Victor's fiancee
- Clare McTrustery
Henry Clerval, scientist, Victor's friend - Tony Stevens
Frau Frankenstein, Victor's mother - Margaret Perry
The Creature, a created man - Iain Wilson
Justine, a gipsy girl - Nicola Carter-Tate