The Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire

November 2003


Cabaret revolves around the downtown ‘Kit Kat Klub’ in 1930?s Berlin, Germany, where the decline of the social openness and decadence of the Weimar Republic conflicts with the rise of Nazism. Amongst the glitz and the glamour of the club two romances develop only to be suddenly enveloped by an evil force that would alter history forever.

The Production Team:

The Players:

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The Programme 

Production Team:

Director – Cynthia Shaw
Assistant Director – Michael Rawlings
Musical Director – Jim Hough
Choreography – Jill Hine, Amanda Robertson
Production Assistant – Gina Ryder
Pianists – Ann Jones, Chris Stubbs
Stage Manager & Scenic Artist – Roy Bird
Set & Large Props – Alan Shaw
Properties – Gina Ryder
Costumes – Cynthia Shaw (Assisted By Various Cabaret Cast Members)
Lighting & Sound – John Sutton, Richard Foxcroft
Prompt – Florence Hall
Backstage Refreshments – Maureen Bird
Type Setting – Alan Shaw
Photography – Ian Martin
Box Office – Denise Olenik, Jenny & Bill Oakey
Bar Manager – Pat Freeman


Master Of Ceremonies – Michael Rawlings
Sally Bowles – Vikki Lee
Clifford Bradshaw – Matthew Allen
Fraulein Schneider – Cynthia Shaw
Herr Schultz – Ian Martin
Ernst Ludwig – Andy Reed
Fraulein Kost – Carol Robertson
Customs Officer – Tony Jones
Emcee’s ‘Girlfriend’ – Uncredited


Cynthia Shaw, Michael Rawlings, Vikki Lee, Matthew Allen, Ian Martin, Andy Reed, Carol Robertson, Tony Jones, Zoe Hailey, Sally Ann Eaton, Amanda Robertson, Helen Elkington, Emma Norry, Verity Matthews, Emma Pritchard, Craig Painter, Adrian Pritchard, Dorothy Lindsay, Sally Warren.