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Broseley Amateur Dramatic Society (BROADS)

Broseley Amateur Dramatic Society (BROADS) was formed in 1980 and with Broseley Youth Theatre offers theatrical events and entertainment.

It usually puts on two straight plays, or one-act plays, and a pantomime each year. BROADS performs in a variety of local places, indoors and outdoors, and in support of local organisations.

Broseley Youth Theatre encourages young people to participate in all areas of production, including writing and devising pieces, usually there is a Christmas show, some one-act plays and a youth musical to end the year in early summer.

The Youth Theatre meets on Thursday evenings, juniors and seniors at different times. Cost approximately £2.00 per week.

Venue Details


Birchmeadow Centre,
Birchmeadow Road,

Postcode: TF12 5LP

Directions to TF12 5LP

Telephone: 01952 882210

Contact Details Address:

BROADS Orchard House,
40 King Street,

Postcode: TF12 5NA

Name: Mike Kaiser

Telephone: 01952 882684

Telephone: Gill Kelly, Secretary: 01952 882119